About Floralcy

Hello! My name is Sabine, and Floralcy is one of three pattern related websites I am running.
Here you can purchase vector patterns for private and commercial use.

I do offer free vector patterns as well. All you have to do is to like me on Facebook. There is a tab that reveals download links as soon as you like me.
I am quite new to Facebook. I try to keep you updated to all three websites over there and post other interesting design related links.

My other pattern related websites are Sabine Reinhart (my portfolio website) and Patterrific (where you can download free patterns).

Please don’t hesitate to contact me at info[at]floralcy.com or sabine[at]sabinereinhart.de should you have any questions. I get back to you as soon a I can.

For those who are interested in even more, here is my little biography. Thank you for your interest and have a nice day!

About Sabine Reinhart

Sabine Reinhart graduated with a First Honours Degree in Graphic Design, specialising in illustration and web design, from Fachhochschule Duesseldorf.

After graduation she worked as an art director in Germany and Switzerland, designing and realizing internet and brand presences.

Since fulfilling her dream and becoming freelance she has worked on many commissioned projects designing for interior, textiles, greeting card and gift wrap industries. Her clients include Adobe, Peachpit, TeNeues, Crate & Barrel, Landor Associates and other agencies. Sabine also runs the pattern related websites Patterrific and Floralcy where she offers some of her patterns.

Sabine Reinhart has participated in Adobe’s prerelease programs in the past. Most recently, she participated in the Adobe Illustrator CS6 program and created one of the Illustrator CS6 How-To Guides.